Eli's Mishapacha - Yale's Jewish Alumni Group is led by and for the Jewish alumni community of Yale College, Graduate and Professional Schools.  The all-volunteer leadership includes:

Colin A. Weil, SM '88 - Co-Founder and National Chair

Steering Committee (in formation)
- Carla Gochman Devillers, ES '85
- Brian Hammerstein, SM '85
Michael Greenwald, SY '75, '80 MPPM
Igor Kirman, TC '93
- Andrew Klaber, TC '04

NYC Chapter (in formation)
- Colin Weil
- Andrew Klaber
- Michael Greenwald
- Joshua Krug, MC '08
- Maxwell Kushner-Lenhoff, ES '12, '12 MS

Boston Chapter (in formation)

DC Chapter (in formation)

LA Chapter (in formation)

SF Chapter (in formation)

AYA Liason
- Mickey Dobbs, TC '92